CUPE and child care

CUPE represents 288 child care workers in Saskatchewan and 12,000 across the country.

Unionization rates for child care workers remain low. But there are clear benefits to unionized child care employees. These include higher staff retention and job satisfaction, higher wages and benefits, and better workplace practices.

Higher Wages: Child care worker wages for CUPE members across the province are higher than non-unionized child care workers. The Government of Saskatchewan recently implemented a wage enhancement for all ECEs; however, there has been no indication that this increase will be permanent.  This increase also does not take into account the years of service of ECEs and puts everyone at the same rate of pay.  Additionally, non-certified and other child care workers did not receive a wage increase.

Competitive Benefit packages: All of CUPE’s child care locals in Saskatchewan have a health benefit plan, and many may also have a pension or retirement savings plan.  Many of our members also receive additional workplace benefits such as paid sick leave, personal days, time off for professional development and vacation.

A voice at the table:  CUPE continues to be a leader in campaigns for child care, working in coalition with many groups, including Child Care Now. CUPE will ensure that child care workers voices are heard by employers and decision makers, and will continue to highlight the critical work they do.


Moving forward, CUPE will continue to hold the provincial and federal government’s accountable in making improvements within the sector, including working conditions, increased wages, group benefits, pension plans, and professional development for all staff who work in licensed child care facilities.

Because child care workers in Saskatchewan are worth more.