Our services

Being a CUPE member means you have the support, information, programs, and the staff expertise needed to meet the employer on equal terms, and negotiate better working conditions.

Each CUPE Local has the assistance of a CUPE National Representative. Representatives provide assistance with collective bargaining, grievances, health and safety, arbitrations, and other work-related issues. Our staff also includes specialists who provide members with expertise in labour law, research, education, communications, job evaluation, human rights, health and safety, and technology.

What about dues?

To pay for these services, Locals must collect a minimum of 0.85 percent of regular wages in dues. (That’s just 85 cents for every $100 in gross income.) After that, CUPE members vote to decide how much their Local will collect above the minimum, and how their local will spend the funds. These funds cover the cost of the Local’s day-to-day operations, such as meeting room rentals, and sending members to union education workshops and conventions.

Union dues are not applied to overtime or other premium pay. Dues are also 100 percent tax deductible.