The union advantage

Joining a union is the best way to achieve fairness and respect in your workplace. Unionization gives you a strong voice in the workplace and the ability to seek:

  • Improved pay with regular wage increases
  • A pension plan and enhanced benefits
  • Paid sick leave
  • Improved vacation entitlements and other leaves
  • More control over hours of work and breaks
  • Proper attention to health and safety
  • Protection against unjust discipline and dismissal
  • Access to a grievance process

Without union representation, employees have no collective voice and no ability to seek lasting improvements in wages, benefits, and working conditions in a legally-binding collective agreement.

According to the most recent statistics, union members in Canada are paid, on average, an extra $5.26 an hour, $180 more weekly, and over $9,000 more per year than non-unionized workers. This union wage premium is about 20 per cent higher than non-unionized wages. Union members are also much more likely to have a workplace pension plan, extended benefits, and better paid leave provisions than their non-union counterparts.

Viewed as an investment, the actual return on union dues, the direct benefits of workers collectively bargaining and acting in solidarity with each other, provides an average payback of at least five to one!